#100days of writing

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A writing challenge started by the fantastic woman and author Jenn Ashworth. Writers are turning up to the page everyday for one hundred days and sharing their progress on social media (fb, insta and twitter) using the hashtag #100daysofwriting.

Most people started on 1 August, but I was late to the party, starting on 5 August. So while everyone else is a quarter of a way through today, I’m celebrating a fifth of the way.

I’m not putting any specific word counts on my daily output, just the practice of turning up to the page (or screen) everyday, even if it’s just scratching out a few words, or adding to my research.

I’m coming up with so many ideas for my memoir / essay collection just through the daily discipline of turning up and working for as long or short as I’m able.

I’ve submitted three of my short short stories for one anthology today (I’m not sure if they qualify as flash fiction or not, but I like calling them short shorts as it makes me think of Daisy Dukes). I’m thinking about my plans for this year’s Chester Literature Festival. I’m planning a piece on Wool and Wellness for Wovember. I’m working on my Self-ish essay, and have started note gathering for a new essay, loosely called Callous, which has arisen from my reading and writing as part of this challenge. The Video Games essay and the Drag essay are also floating around, occasionally calling for my attention.

I feel productive. This is good.