Nature and novels

Autumn Maple Leaf

Changes are underway. Together with the change of season I’m busy working on some new products, courses and a new direction for the business. Oh, and I’m also working on a new novel!

November is >>NaNoWriMo<< and I’ve decided to give in to the lure of the second novel and use NaNo as a means of giving space to this insistent voice that really wants to be written. I’m watching the countdown on the front page of the NaNo website – 10 days left of October then it’s November noveling insanity!

My completed novel, >>My Lovers & Other Animals<<, is currently being reviewed by my Women’s Fiction Crit Group on the >>authonomy<< forum. I’m so thrilled to have this amazing and intelligent group of women reviewing my book. I’m eagerly awaiting their comments especially on my Prologue / Chapter One issue that’s been bugging me for the last couple of years.

I completed my permaculture design course last week so I’m now a permaculture designer who is able to design sustainable systems on land or in life! I’ll be talking some more about what this is and how it will enrich my current business and skills in upcoming posts.

I’ve been photographing nature a lot during my time on my permaculture course. You can have a look at these images on my >>flickr<< photostream. Above is a colour palette which I made from the colours in the photo of the maple leaf. The numbers are what are called “hex codes”. These tell computer programs the exact make-up of a certain colour.

Watch out for tutorials coming up from me on how to create your own colour palettes from your photos and how you can then use these colours. For example you can use them when designing graphics for your website or blog, or creating colour palettes and templates for your documents.

Lisa Margreet | Craft educator and writer | image