5 DAYS / 15,000 WORDS

In an attempt to get my novel finished by the end of the year I’ve estimated that I need to do approximately another 15,000 words. With 5 days left until the end of 2009 I’ve set myself a new challenge to write 3,000 every day from today Saturday 26 December until New Years Eve on Thursday 31 December. I guess I’ll give myself an extension if the novel isn’t finished by that date but I want to meet my 15,000 word challenge by then.

5 days / 15,000 words challenge | Lisa Margreet: knitting and crochet classes in London!

I’ve rather floundered with the novel only writing about 3,000 words since Nanowrimo ended at the end of November, but then I did have to catch up on work, study, write an assignment AND make all my Christmas presents so I’m not going to be too hard on myself. Still, I didn’t like the thought of Betty and Pearl stagnating in their story so I’ve picked up the strands again tonight and hope to draw them all to a close with the end of the year (apart from, as mentioned above, if the story needs to be longer than my estimated number of words).

It’s started again well tonight with me rocking in a total of 3,617 words against my daily total of 3,000, so that’s 600 in the bank for a start. This was probably aided by the bottle of red wine in easy reach of my right hand and the giant tin of Quality Street in easy reach of my left hand, a strategy which I will therefore continue throughout the five days of my challenge. I may end up looking like a polka dot beach ball at the end of the five days but at least the novel will be cracked! (Well, the first draft anyway!)

In other news, I submitted a proposal to an interested publisher for a craft book on behalf of the Craft Guerrilla collective so fingers crossed that it is well received.