‘Craft consumerism’ & critical commentary

My article on “Balancing craft consumerism and running a sustainable craft business” was published over at UK Handmade last week. Also well-worth checking out is the blog post written by Beth at Luscious Little Somethings which was prompted by my article.

Lisa Margreet Craft educator and writer - Knitting and crochet classes in LondonBeth’s blog post and the comments from Beth and Jeanie on my post “Don’t Give Up Your Day Job” made me really happy that I’m not just shouting into the wind with my thoughts. I think that intelligent critical commentary is missing from much of the craft scene and that it can only be a good thing to be thinking and talking about things which effect all our lives and businesses, even (or especially?) if we don’t necessarily agree with it all. I see this kind of discussion as integral to enabling the crafting community to grow and develop in strong and sustainable ways.