Craftsy Sale Alert!

Just a quick heads up, from tomorrow until Monday (Friday 25 to Monday 28 March 2016), Craftsy are having a sale on all classes to end National Craft Month (or at least it has been in the US). All classes will be $19.99, which is about £14.50 – pretty sweet, if you ask me!

I think I’ll pick up something from my wishlist. At the moment its a toss up between The Classic Tailored Shirt Class * or Handmade Sourdough: From Starter to Baked Loaf *. At the moment the sourdough class is slightly in the lead. I’ve got a lot of sewing projects lined up and it would be nice to get back to baking. Plus, you know, sourdough bread. *Drool*

Craftsy sale classes $19.99

(* Btw. I’m a Craftsy affiliate so if you use my links then I’ll get a small commission. Thank you! but if you’d rather, just go directly to to get your sale classes.)