Craftsy Valentine’s Day Sale (and a Special Life-Changing Announcement…)

I find Valentine’s Day really confusing. Although I’m not a fan of the mainstream holiday per se, to be with someone you love and not mark it somehow also doesn’t feel right (thanks to advertising and mainstream conditioning for that). So I find that a little handmade gift or card goes down well without being forced to spend loads of money on this Clinton card completely made up consumerist holiday.

But one thing I’m not confused about is saving money – saving money ROCKS! And right now Craftsy is having a Valentine’s Day sale. Clickity-click on the banner below and check out the savings on their classes.

Craftsy Valentine's Day Sale

Of course, you’re only saving money if it was something you were going to buy anyway. I’ve been eyeing up these new classes for myself: how to knit a custom yoke sweater with totally sweet and retro squirrel and leaf motif or drafting Sewing Patterns from your own ready-to-wear or vintage items. I think I’ll probably end up getting them both – good thing there’s a sale on!

Btw I’m totally behind on posting my review of the Celtic Cables Class on Craftsty but here’s the mini version: It’s awesome – do it! And yes that class is on sale too.

I have a good reason for being behind on all my reviews though… I’m finally leaving London and moving to the country to grow vegetables! Yes, after all these years of talking and dreaming about it, it’s finally happening folks. As of 28 Feb 2013 (two weeks today – eek!) I’m moving to Cheshire to run Oakcroft Organic Market Gardens. I’m amazed, excited, nervous and all those other jittery feelings. I promise to write more about it soon but it will probably the other side of the move when life starts to settle down again.

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