As Jimmy doesn’t seem to be hurrying into this world I’m afraid that you’ll have to put up with more of my knitting. It’s interesting to see what I do when left with unlimited time and no need to work. The answer, it would seem, is craft! Knitting, crocheting, sewing or writing. The weather is stunning at the moment and the open air swimming pools have opened for the season.

Yesterday we spent all afternoon sitting in the sun alternating swimming with baking in the sun and knitting and reading. We were at the outdoor swimming pool at Eriksdalsbadet which is just by the Skanstul Marina. There is a Thai Restaurant and bar nearby which we had a great and not so horrendously expensive meal at the weekend. It is on a moored boat and even has a tiny ‘beach’ on it. The outside bar meant that we were treated to smokers reveling in their favourite habitat: beer, bar, cigarette in the sun. Ah, those were the days!

Anyway, my latest projects are the string bag in the photo, The ‘No More Plastic Bags’ Bag and a shawl I am making for my Mum. My Mum seems oddly to keep rejecting the shawl, the conversations going as such: Look Mum, I’m making you a shawl! Mum: Well, I hardly need it in this weather! Lovely colour though.

My Mum seems to think that as its sunny now it won’t ever be cold again. Well, here in Stockholm they wear scarves all year round anyway! It does this weird hot/cold weather, one minute its boiling, the next freezing. Anyway, *I* like the shawl so if she doesn’t want it then it will make a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I’m sure she’ll change her mind come September. She’s probably quite touched and a little embarrased at me randomly making her a present for no legitimate reason such as birthday, Mother’s day or Christmas.

And as for The ‘No More Plastic Bags’ Bag, it’s great! It knits up really fast and will be great for sticking in your handbag so that if you stop at the shops on the way home you’ve got a shopping bag on you. In Stockholm you have to pay for plastic bags so it makes good sense to always have a spare shopping bag on you, both financial and environmental sense. Of course, with my known love and addiction to bags, this rejection to plastic bags just means that I collect canvas bags instead. Must learn to curb that particular strand of consumerism!