Crocodile Stitch Scarf (crochet) WIP whipped!

Crocodile stitch scarf (crochet)

I finally finished this scarf! I made it using some squeaky-assed acrylic which I had lying around in my stash AND I used a plastic hook. Am I a sucker for teeth-hurting noises or what?

Still, I’m pleased with the finished scarf. I was hoping it would be bigger, more of a shawl like she has in the pattern photo but this stitch uses A LOT of yarn. Also, it takes a long time. OK, not as long as it took me (I started in Oct 2011) as I started and then put the project down until earlier this month, but the stitch itself takes a bit of working. But I love the 3D textured effect of the “scales”.

The pattern designer suggests using a mohair which I think would look beautiful and I do have some in my stash, but what if I made a mistake? Mohair isn’t exactly forgiving towards being ripped back. Anyway, another WIP bites the dust. Hurrah!

You can buy the pattern on Etsy here, see my Ravelry project page here or the Ravelry pattern project page here.

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