Etsy vs. your own online shop

Etsy vs. your own online shop | Lisa Margreet: knitting and crochet classes in London!I know, I know, where have I been for the last six months, right? Well, I’ve been pretty busy finishing my degree and working on the Craft Guerrilla craft book.  In addition to that (if that wasn’t enough of an excuse for you) I’m currently working on some new aspects of my business which I will be launching soon. Although I have moved away from making items to sell for sustainability reasons amongst others (more on that in later posts), I do still have some things that I will be selling.

So what I have been wondering is what are the pros and cons of having an Etsy / Folksy shop versus having your own shop on your website?

What immediately springs to mind is that having a shop on such an established presence as Etsy or Folksy is that your customers will be familiar with the name and therefore have more confidence in buying from you. Also, they are more likely to browse around doing searches on your product keywords and therefore more likely to discover your shop.

However, there are now so many shops on these sites that I wonder if you might not strike more of a dash – perhaps even seem more of a professional business – if you have your own shop on your website?

What do you think? Does anyone have any experiences on either side which they could share with me? Personally I’ve had shops on Etsy and Folksy and I have a shop on my website. Although I’ve made a few sales on each of them nothing is striking me as a clear way forward. Your input would be appreciated!