Honey tea with essential oils for over-indulgence

A new aromatherapy blend and honey tea for over-indulgence

Oh, now this is good. I don’t use my witchy ways with essential oils as often as I should really but this morning it was needed. I think the sunny Saturday evening made me a little crazy and I wanted some white wine. Instead of walking just 5 minutes further to get to the shop that sells the nice, organic, no-headache inducing white wine I was lazy and just went to my corner shop. The wine was good but I’m sensitive to sulphites (I know, poor duck etc) but somehow knowing it would give me a headache in the morning wasn’t enough to stop me.

But maybe it was kismet! Because if I hadn’t had that wine from that shop I wouldn’t have had the headache which lead me to discover this awesome thing which I’m about to share with you.

Feeling a little sore-headed this morning I wanted something nice and gentle to soothe me. I remembered a blend of essentials that I’d noted in my favourite book ever for aromatherapy info: The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood. Seriously, if you only buy one book on aromatherapy then this is the one you need. I’ve had my copy for well over a decade now and still refer to it all the time.

The other day I’d been perusing the section on Sweet-Scented Celebrations and enjoying recipes for such deliciousness as Rose Punch (with brandy, rose wine, grenadine, fresh strawberries, lemonade and rose essential oil. Yes please, right now, thank you very much!). At the end of the section Valerie had kindly included a section on hangovers and over-eating with various remedies and suggestions.

The following recipe is an adaptation of one of her remedies for over-indulgence. I changed some of the essential oils for personal preference, keeping the properties of the oils the same and flavours similar to her original suggestion. I have suggested the original oils in brackets if you prefer.

Honey tea with essential oils for over-indulgence

10 drops Mandarin
2 drops Peppermint
2 drops Black Pepper (or Ginger)
5 drops May Chang (or Lemon)
3 drops Coriander

Mix the following essential oils in these proportions into one bottle to make what is called a synergistic blend (when the properties of all the oils combine together and work with complementary effects).

Use 1-2 drops of the blend in one teaspoon of honey. Pour over freshly boiled water to make one mug stirring to mix in the oils and honey. Allow to cool, then sip slowly and enjoy the relief it brings!