STHLM kitchen | Lisa Margreet: knitting and crochet classes in London!

Well, my weekend in Stockholm didn’t see me steer too wildly from my savings plan. I took out £75 worth of Swedish Crowns and that was exactly what I needed. Half of that went on my return coach ticket to and from the airport and my ‘Remsa’ a ticket that works a bit like a travel card to get me around STHLM on buses and the tubes. The rest went on food and buying my Mum a skein of wool for a jumper she’s knitting for Jimmy*.

I was able to knit on the flight, I was very happy not to have my needles confiscated and I’ve done loads of Jimmy’s cardigan now. I’ve also done about 10 rows more on my “Miss Marple” cardigan and have completed 5 squares of my crocheted “Leftovers” blanket. AMP and I decided to stay in on Saturday night; The idea of going to Indie Rave was appealing, but mostly I wanted to stay in and catch up with my sister.

Turbulance on the outbound flight saw me going from very calmly and absent-mindedly repeating the mantra “knit one purl one” to mentally shouting “KNIT ONE PURL ONE DON’T THINK ABOUT THE PLANE BOUNCING AROUND KNIT ONE PURL ONE OOOH SHIT I FEEL SICK!” etc but having my knitting definitely calmed me down as it gave me another focus. That and avoiding smelling the two smelly Swedes sitting either side of me. To the left I had the very pretty Swedish girl with very bad halitosis and to my right I had the Swedish man who’d obviously been drinking earlier and smelt of stale alcohol and sweat. I worked around this by opening the air vent above me and positioning it just in front of my nose to keep all foreign odours away from it. The skin on my nose is all cracked now though!

So, aside from the £75 on my STHLM trip other money spent since then is as follows:

£10.95 on Alan Dart knitting pattern book to knit farm for Jimmy
£50 that I owed AMP
£10 Oystercard PAYG
£15.98 Duty-free wine for weekend
£8.20 world’s most expensive salad and bottle of water at the airport
£16.50 Food from Somerfield

Hmmm, well, that’s sort of OK. Food is fine and allowed, the only really naughty thing on that list is the pattern book – but it’s for Jimmy! This baby isn’t even born yet and already I can’t resist buying things for him. 🙂

Total Spent = £111.63


*Jimmy is my nephew, estimated date of arrival 28-May-2008