My Lovers & Other Animals: the playlist

Who loves you baby? To go with my novel release* here for your delectation is the playlist that makes up the soundtrack for My Lovers and Other Animals. It’s a random selection of tunes mixing industrial, pop, electro, rockabilly and more! The ordering isn’t how I’d usually organise my tracks as it’s done in the order they appear in the novel, like a proper soundtrack y’all.

Here’s the blurb for Lovers which you can read for free here for a limited time only:

Living and loving in London is tough and the internet isn’t helping.

Have you ever watched something that you love implode? Just fall apart in the most spectacular fashion? Actually, it rarely happens like those huge mushroom clouds that we saw on the tele as kids – KABOOM! – One hit on that button and then it’s Game Over. It’s more like the insidious drip-drip of the tap in the night that you didn’t fully turn off, the gentle leaching of calcium from your bones until you’re bent double with emotional osteoporosis, shuffling around in the dead carcass of your relationship, occasionally raising a creaking neck and saying “Hang on, weren’t we vibrant? Weren’t we the couple that everyone wanted to be?”

Twenty-eight year old Betty Black thinks it’s time for a change. This is her sexual bildungsroman.

A whacked-out comedy of errors with wrong lovers and wrong people, it’s a story about experimentation, exploration and friendship. Set in London with a soundtrack that covers everything from The Cramps to NIN via Avenue D (rockabilly, industrial, electro – is that even a thing?) together with a smattering of rollergirls, it’s a retro-hipster bonkbuster on rollerskates.


Lisa Margreet | Craft educator and writer | image

* Not unfortunately a real published release but it’s available so you can read and help me improve it and possibly help me get it in front of a HarperCollins editor! See my previous post for more details.