Pass the Piggies

PASS THE PIGGIES, originally uploaded by Lisa Margreet.

My husband used to play the game “Pass the Pigs” all the time as a child a game which I had never heard of until one night a couple of years ago when Debbie bought it along as part of the vintage board games we used to provide at our “Put The Needle On The Record” DIY Craft Night.

Mathew and my friend Anna were both thoroughly over-excited and spent the whole night shouting “Razorback!” and other such bemusing words whilst throwing the little pigs all over the table. As both Mathew and Anna grew up in the Midlands I decided it was a “Northern” thing.

Anyway, for Mathew’s 30th birthday last year in November I decided to crochet him his own set of Pass the Pigs from an excellent pattern that I had found online. Here’s a link to the pattern if you want to make your own: