SEW LONG, GOOD BUY, originally uploaded by uber trick.

The last of the summer markets from the East London Craft Guerrilla is fast approaching. Your last chance to enjoy the shade of the beautiful 20 y/o honey fig tree in the garden of Beautiful Interiors while stroking Jassie Mo the shop cat (just hide your cheese salad sandwich or she’ll steal it from your bag!). But to help you get over your sadness at the last of these markets I can give you a voucher for 10% off of participating stall holders. Because I’m nice like that.

The summer markets might be over but we’re scouring the streets of London for a venue to keep us warm and toasty for autumn and winter markets so if you know of anywhere suitable then let us know.

We’re also holding a DIY craft and music night as part of the E17 Arts Trail. It’s called “Hearts for the Heartless” and will be on 11th September. More details to follow shortly.