Something for the weekend 25-06-2011

A round-up of what has been inspiring me recently for you to enjoy.

What have we here then? Hmmm, some Crafty Business eh?

I must confess that it all started with this post on google reader over on CRAFT. I’d been using netvibes for a while but even when experimenting with the different widget or reader view, it just wasn’t working for me. But thanks to that article I moved all my feeds over to google reader and I am behind on my blog reading no more!

So from there it was only a matter of time before I was exposed to all the juicy web content I could get my sticky little hands on and I started to follow a trail of posts on how to improve your craft business. This got my little brain whirling. Buckets full of inspiration has been garnered from the following:

  • Crafting an MBA – intelligent advice on how to grow and develop your craft business by Megan Auman

And now for some plain old fashioned crafty goodness

  • How-to: Knit or Crochet a Dodecahedron – I saw this and instantly knew how to use up some of the gold crochet cotton which I unearthed during the Big Craftroom Clearout (BCC) which took place earlier this week. And yes, I was thinking how nice it would look on top of our Christmas tree to replace the cardboard 20-pointed star which I made a couple of years back. Unfortunately it has fallen apart (and was recycled during the BCC). I can’t believe I’m already thinking about Christmas crafting in June 🙁

20-POINTED STAR | Lisa Margreet: knitting and crochet classes in London

  • How-to: Make a Pillow Without Polyfill – A great way to use up fabric scraps – I have a whole plastic box of them (yes, also unearthed during the BCC). I recently made a tailor’s ham from this pattern on BurdaStyle following the pattern and advice from here. I stuffed it with some of my fabric scraps and I’m really pleased with it.
  • Craftsty Online Craft Courses – Using some of my birthday money I decided to treat myself to the Sewing Studio Course with Diana Rupp. I am LOVING this course SO MUCH. I’m learning such a huge amount – and it’s the reason why I needed to make a tailor’s ham, to help me when ironing those oh-so-perfect darts on my pencil skirt. (Darts are one of my new sewing skills that I’m proud of. Can you tell?)
Happy crafty weekend folks!
Lisa Margreet