Warriston WIP


After my love of my owls jumper, I’ve just started on my next Kate Davies knitting pattern, the Warriston.

My measurements indicated that I would need to make a size 3 but my swatching revealed that I should follow the pattern for size 2. My gauge is coming up slightly large so by knitting size 2 it is coming out as size 3 even though I’m using the same wool and needle size as directed.

Therefore let this be a lesson in the importance of swatching for those of you who like to skip that step! If I hadn’t swatched I would have been making a enormous jumper as it’s designed with a few inches positive ease as well. By taking an extra half hour or so to make a swatch I’ve saved myself some time and money by making sure that the jumper will actually fit me.

The full details of the pattern and wool etc are here on my Ravelry project page.