Two-minute tutorial: Make your own deodorant

by Lisa Payne on July 31, 2012

Two-minute tutorial: make your own deodorant

This tutorial for homemade deodorant with essential oils will only take you two minutes to make once you’ve got all the ingredients together but lasts for aaaages and gives you that totally smug “I made it myself” feeling. After all the fun I had putting together last week’s centre-pull ball of wool video tutorial I wanted to make another video for you this week. But really, you don’t need to see me mixing some ingredients together do you? Which is basically all making your own deodorant is. I know, right, so easy! Who knew?

You may need to buy a few ingredients to get you going but once you’ve got all the things you need you can make your own deodorant to last for months at a time. Plus, most of the ingredients (the bicarbonate of soda and essential oils in particular) can be used in other natural beauty products.  I buy my bicarbonate of soda in bulk from ebay and the other ingredients are all available from good health food stores. I use Baldwins for a lot of my ingredients such as arrowroot powder and essential and base oils (they have a great mail order service).

The deodorant lasts all day and as an added bonus your underarms smell of whatever delicious essential oil you chose to use. I like citrus scents like Grapefruit, Lime or my personal favourite essential oil, May Chang – smells like lemon sherberts and is a natural euphoric!

Ok, enough of my rabbiting let’s get down to business.

Natural Deodorant with essential oils

30g bicarbonate of soda
30g arrowroot powder
4 tablespoons of coconut oil
10 drops May Chang essential oil (or other essential oil of your choice)
A tin or jar with a lid (I use one like this)

Combine all the dry ingredients together in a bowl. Add the coconut oil followed by the essential oil. Play around with coconut oil level until you are happy with the consistency. I’ve found that something between a cream and lotion consistency works best for application. If need be add some more coconut oil.

I’ve found that after a few weeks the oil starts to get absorbed into the powder so I add more coconut oil and mix it up again.

To apply, put some of the deodorant onto your finger and rub on your skin.

That’s it!

Let me know how you get on in the comments if you decide to make your own deodorant. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.  I’ll be doing more tutorials on natural beauty product making so sign-up to my mailing list or subscribe to my RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss out.



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