18 JULY 09: HANDMADE HEAVEN, originally uploaded by uber trick.

It’s that time of the month again and yes, if you’re one of those organised types who set your monthly clock by the summer craft markets then yes we are having this one a week early. That’s because the Craft Guerrilla girls are off to indietracks music festival to run a Crafternoon workshop (which we are thoroughly over excited about) in the usual end of the month market slot.

Come along to the craft market this Saturday for your monthly injection of handmade heaven. For a sneak preview of what you can expect see eastlondoncraftguerrilla.blogspot.com. Then pack a handmade bag full of handmade goodies and follow us to Derbyshire for Indietracks festival and free steam train rides – tickets are still available! See www.indietracks.co.uk for details of how to book.

Shhh-de-chuff / shhh-de-chuff / Toot-toooot! Come on Ivor, we’ve got to get to the East London Craft Guerrilla market before going to Indietracks!