BEAR HAT WITH EARS, originally uploaded by uber trick.

I started making this hat yesterday but it didn’t quite go to plan at first. I got to the end of the project and it was looking a little large. I know the saying “If the hat fits, wear it” but this hat was for Jimmy not me! It was the complete reverse of the hat I tried to make for Mathew Lee which was so small it could have fitted Jimmy. Then I checked again and the confusion came from the packet of my new crochet hooks; I’d picked up the wrong size as the sizes printed were over the wrong hooks in the packaging. Damn!

So I pulled it all out, made a centre pull ball and will start again in the morning. Great pattern, simple to do, looks good and very quick to make. Would make the perfect baby shower gift. I’ll just view the extra large size I made as a trial run!

I started again today and the hat is finished! It is so, so adorable and the tiny ears are so perfect they almost made me cry! Does anyone else think that flowers with ears photo is super cute? It really makes me smile.

I can’t wait to see Jimmy in his hat. Come on out Jimmy, your Auntie has made you loads of lovely outfits to wear!