I really enjoy combining things that I love: sausage and mash, knitting whilst listening to podcasts, sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll… you get my drift. Well two other loves of mine: crafting and writing are about to come together in an interesting and exciting way. Yes, yes, we’re writing “Craft Guerrilla: The Book” (working title) but that’s not it, oh no. Far from the usual writing about craft, I’m part of a project to craft some writing!

Some of you may have seen or even contributed to the gorgeous crochet coral reefand now here is a chance for the crafting community to be involved in another knitting or crocheting project.

The Poetry Society is knitting (and crocheting) a poem to celebrate their centenary. But wait! There is more – the poem is a SECRET! Loads of crafters are busily knitting and crocheting away on individual letters to make up the poem, but no-one knows what the poem is.
If you fancy getting your knit on and taking part in this project then read all about it here and then contact them asap to receive your instructions. You need to make and return your squares by 14 September so get those speedy fingers a clicking or a hooking and take part in a little bit of craft history.
Maybe a group of us participants can form a poetry knitting corner at the next Craft Guerrilla Crafternoon on Saturday 12th September? Email me if you’re interested!