DESIGNER HOOK UP - a knit and crochet community | Lisa Margreet: knitting and crochet classes in London!I’ve been hooked up as a designer on Ravelry and my designer username is (unsurprisingly) lisamargreet! What does this mean? Well if you’re not on Ravelry then not a lot. But if you are then it means that you can download my knitting and crochet patterns as PDFs, put them in your Ravelry library, add me to your faves and all the other wonderful stuff that you can do on that most awesome of websites. At the moment there is only the Poppy Knitted Fascinator on there but I’ll add more in time.

I’m hoping though that this link will take those of you not on Ravelry to the PDF version of the Poppy Knitted Fascinator pattern. Could someone try it and let me know? Clicking the link should prompt your computer to download and open up the PDF pattern. So even if you’re not on Ravelry (I’m sure there’s a few people out there who aren’t) then you can still join in the PDF pattern goodness.

In other news, the super-organised, perfectly planned, pre-move installation of the telephone and internet which was due to happen today, didn’t. This may not come as that much of a surprise to the cynical among you, and it wasn’t that much of a surprise to me to be honest – even if I did spend half the day in my new empty flat waiting for them to turn up. So, annoying though it is, they hopefully will be coming on Tuesday to hook this designer back up to internet. Phew, anymore than a few days and I start to get the DTs. If only the ***un-named internet supplier*** were as good at hooking up as Ravelry are!