EAST LONDON CRAFT GUERRILLA, originally uploaded by uber trick.

I’m not back in London until the end of June when I’m flying back from STHLM for the weekend to have a stall at this awesome monthly craft market.

Those of you who are enjoying the London Spring weather should totally get your asses down there though and check this out on 31st May. As an official member of the East London Craft Guerrilla I order you to attend. You would do well to obey.

On that date I shall either be staring besottedly into my new nephews eyes who will be three days old if by some miracle he is born on time, or I’ll be making AMP really strong curries! 🙂

And yes, if you’re wondering, I did make my savings target which is what started off this whole new blog! I have been in Sweden since 6 May and it totally rocks. More on that another time.