Black Original fascinator by Lisa Margreet | Lisa Margreet: knitting and crochet classes in London!Some good things have been happening today. Following on from my fascinator workshop a couple of weeks back, I’ve been dreaming in feathers and frou-frou. I’ve also been slowly building up my etsy shop stock. Ok sorry, I mean, I have added one item: my original black fascinator. I should add my green feather one as well, but I’m really fond of it. Perhaps when I’ve made some more I’ll be able to let it go, or at least have more to sell so I won’t need to!

I need to stop dreaming and start creating them though, especially since I was contacted today by munano aka Deborah Daniel who creates the most amazing: “quirky,twisted,cute, kawaii hand made objects and accessories designed with a sense of humor and most of all FUN and a little bit of darkness too!”  They are like the cutest mix of twisted bears and bunnies, rather like the amigurumi patterns I’m storing up to make for Jimmy.

Check out the blurb on the creature Poop de Loup:

“Known as the messenger of the forests, Poop de Loup can be found all over the lush green woods of the world.Originating in France (Loup…Wolf in French and poop is poop!) he traveled by hitching rides on ramblers shoes (yuck…that’s so economy class!),by sticking close to car tyres or ridding piggy back on his forest friends. His message is simple… “Respect nature and your fellow animals!”

Yep, cute poo.

Or how about this, Murou-Murou:

Murou-Murou is the giver of dreams…and nightmares too! A lovely felt creature,soft to the touch, he walks around the forests slowly and quietly sprinkling mini murou and their “magic spores” onto sleeping creatures and humans to aid restful and pleasant sleep. Watch out though sometimes the mushrooms turn black and give the sleeper some unpleasant nightmares. Nothing scary… but sometimes dreams can tell you a lot about yourself!” This doll has two sides…a good side and a bad side! Double sided felt creature.

But I couldn’t resist buying a Gnarrly bear for Jimmy! I’ve asked Deborah if she’d be able to make him baby-proof though by replacing the buttons with cotton or felt. What a wonderful Auntie I am!

So, where is this meandering taking us? Ah, yes. Deborah asked if I would like to sell my fascinators at a monthly craft market being organised by Craft Guerrilla a group of Crafts People, Artists, Designers and Makers of quality hand made goods, with the East London Craft Guerrilla running the craft market in Walthamstow. Sign me up! I duly replied and smiled at the synchronicity that saw me place an order for 100 sew-on ribbon tags which say “Handmade by Lisa Margreet” this morning. If you build it, they will come. I’m hoping this is true of my Etsy shop. Stay tuned for more details as to if I’m in time to snag a stall at the market at the end of April.