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Today I went to the What Katie Did shop in Notting Hill for a workshop on how to make fascinators, held by Ruby Rouge a ‘Neo-Burlesque Fashion Designer’. Above is a picture of my latest fascinator that I made this afternoon; I’ll get my act together soon enough to sort out my Etsy shop but in the mean time if you would like to order a bespoke fascinator or you like one of my existing designs then please contact me and we can discuss the design and prices. See my Flickr for some more examples of my work. There is a new collection called ‘Handmade’ and Set under there for ‘Fascinators’.

As you may have gathered, I have decided that listing my spending habits is a) boring to read b) easily forgotten to do. Therefore I think I’ll just give you a round up at each payday to let you know how I’m getting on with my big save-a-thon, £2,400 by May *gulp*. This month I was unexpectedly scuppered when I realised I needed to pay Mathew Lee back the rest of the money for my Pashley. That sees me already £250 down more than I thought, hence why there is only £500 in my savings account and not the £800 I was hoping for. Oh well, will have to aim for saving £925 for the next two months *double gulp*