With summer festivals approaching this cute crocheted daisy chain headband/wristband/necklace is the perfect thing for posing as a saucy 50s sweetheart, or wearing around your head flower child style or even wrapping it round your wrist as a soft take on a rock chick wrist cuff!


The daisy chain is made by creating a string of flowers. There are hundreds of free crochet flower patterns on the internet and the one that I used for the basis of this daisy chain pattern is available from:

The flowers are made up by four petals and each petal is created by making one “2-dc cluster” surrounded on either side by a chain of 3 stitches e.g. there are four strands to each petal.

How to do a 2-dc cluster:
No need to panic, it’s quite simple! To create a “2-dc cluster” double crochet into the centre of the stitch leaving the last two loops on hook; double crochet into the same stitch leaving last loop on hook; yarn over and draw through all three loops.

Note: This pattern is written using US terminology. A chart showing the differences between US/Canadian abbreviations and UK/Australian/European terminology is below (click to enlarge):

Pattern starts here (Click to download PDF):

Start by making the first tie for your head/wristband:
Chain 30
Sc into each chain of the base chain
(This forms the ties for your daisy chain head/wristband)

Now you’re ready to crochet your first flower:
Chain 4
Work a 2-dc cluster (see above) into the first stitch of the chain (this is the 4th stitch from your hook).
Chain 3 then sl st into the centre of the same stitch. You’ve just made your first petal!

Continue working into the same space, *chain 3, 2-dc cluster, chain 3, sl st (second petal created).

Repeat from * two more times (4 petals created).

Additional flowers
[Chain 9. In 4th chain from hook. work a 2-dc cluster, chain 3, and sl st. Still working in the SAME space, work chain 3, 2-dc cluster, chain 3, and sl st. Repeat from * 3 more times.]

Repeat instructions between [ ] for each flower you would like to add to the string. I found that 15 flowers is a good length but feel free to adjust to your own particular requirements.

Note: You start each additional flower after the first one by chaining 9 as this creates a space of 5 chains between each flower, while allowing for the chain 4 at the start of the flower.

Once your daisy chain is of the required length, chain 30; then sc into each chain to create the other tie as at the start of the pattern.

Now wear your crochet daisy chain with pride!

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