If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know that I’m a HUGE Craftsy fan. As a teacher of craft classes I’m also addicted to learning. I love learning new skills and adding to the ones I already have. However I’m also a bit of a lone wolf and prefer learning things at my own pace in the comfort of my own home. So in this way Craftsy is perfect for me. Through it’s range of video courses I can learn the skills I want to learn when I want to learn them. I know this approach isn’t for everyone but it can also be a great supplementary way to learn new craft skills in addition to attending ‘live’ classes and workshops. Plus if you live in a location where you don’t have easy access to craft workshops then Craftsy can provide you with highly skilled tutors right in your own home.

I’m not an easy person to sell too what with my deeply ingrained ethical stance against consumerism. And if you’ve read some of my articles on UK Handmade (in particular my critical commentary on ‘craft consumerism’) then you’ll know that I’m cautious about what I sell. However I am a passionate advocate for the teaching and sharing of craft skills. I beleive that through empowering ourselves to make our own clothes (and other items) we become more autonomous in our choices, promote sustainability and alternatives to consumerism and lessen our impact on the earth. It is for this reason that I decided to become an affiliate of Craftsy as their teaching and range of classes are superb.

I wanted to be upfront about this so you know that you can always expect honesty from me. If you click on the banners or links for Craftsy on my website and buy a class then a small proportion of that money will go to supporting my business. Craftsy are very generous with their offers and are often have great discounts on their excellent courses. I will be able to pass on these discounts to you through the reviews and links on my blog.

However I do know that some people are uncomfortable about affiliate programs so I wanted to let you know what was what from the get go. Therefore if you’re interested in Craftsy but don’t want to use my affiliate links then you can go directly to the site at www.craftsy.com. I’ll still love ya!

I’m currently reviewing Sandra Betzina’s Pants Construction Techniques class for Craftsy and will have my review up in a few weeks time. In the mean time, below are images of the bombshell dress I made from the Retro Bombshell Class and my vintage inspired blouse from the Sassy Librarian Blouse Class.

Birthday bombshell dress
Sassy Librarian Blouse

I hope I can inspire you to try one of their classes. Even if sewing or knitting aren’t your thing there’s a whole range of classes including jewellery, cake decorating, food craft and paper crafts. There are also shorter online workshops if you don’t fancy a full class.

I’ve slowly started to rebrand my knitting and crochet patterns and am uploading them to my pattern store on Craftsy. Do take a look and check back for more in the new year!

Lisa Margreet | Craft educator and writer | image