Jumpers, dresses and ecovillages. Oh my!

Recent projects

So, it’s been a while, huh? Sorry about that. I’ve been working on my dressmaking over the past couple of months and thanks to my Craftsy classes my sewing has really come on in leaps and bounds. Or should that be in hems and darts? Anyway, as you can see from the above pictures, I’ve been a busy woman. If you go to my flickr photostream then you can see the pictures in more detail, find links to patterns and tutorials and all that kinda fun malarkey.

Now, while I’ve working on all these items I’ve also been crafting up some exciting future plans. I’ve signed up to do a permaculture design course at Hawkwood Plant Nursery in Chingford in September. I’ve been wanting to do this course for quite a few years now but I never had the time or money to do it before. But now I’ve been getting some more regular freelance work I decided to take the plunge.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into low impact living and ecovillages and am looking forward to visiting the Lammas project Tir y Gafel in August for a four day Family Adventure Camp with my sister and her children.

Activities include:

  • Exploring different land-based activities from gardening to eco-building
  • Helping to build a cob greenhouse – suitable for children and adults
  • Forest School activities – cooking on a fire, learning bush craft skills, playing games
  • Foraging for wild food and cooking up a storm with Rosie, our cook
  • Learning to make a simple willow basket
  • Storytelling round the fire

I can’t wait! Then when we get back I have one day off and then I start my permaculture course.

All this is building up to my eventual relocation out of London to an ecovillage where I can build my own house for my family. Possibly my most ambitious project yet. Going from knitting a jumper to building a house? I always said that knitting was a gateway drug to bigger things. We have to leave our Bow Arts Flat in Balfron Tower in mid-2013 so I’m hoping to time our relocation in then.

I’ve also been doing a lot of writing recently. I sent a submission in to the Society of Authors  this week for an open-mic event called Stand up for books they are running next week. I’m hoping to grab a spot to do a reading which I’ve extracted from my novel. If not though then I’ll go along to the event anyway as it looks like a great evening.

I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo again this year. I’ll start planning my next novel early as I’ll be doing the permaculture course in September and October. Well, I’ve already started planning it, but I have a feeling that it will morph into something else as i get influences from all the new things that I’ll be studying over the summer.

I’m also working on getting the writing section of this website up and running in the next couple of weeks. There will be links to my fiction and non-fiction writing. I’m also seriously considering self-publishing my novel so have been doing lots of research into that as well as taking an e-course in marketing for creatives. It’s called Marketing for Makers by Megan Auman, and I’ve also recently taken her e-course Business Thinking Bootcamp. I would highly recommend both of those classes.

And while I think of it, for all you wonderful women entrepreneurs, you should check out Marie Forleo for awesome business and life advice!

I’m currently working on a new business venture which will combine many of the elements that I love: craft, aromatherapy, natural products, sustainability, empowering women. More to follow on that but realistically we’ll be looking at a launch towards the end of this year, or possibly early next year. Sign up to my mailing list (link in the sidebar) if you want to be first to find out when it launches.

Right, that’s quite enough from me for one evening – I’ve still got to go and update all my projects on my Ravelry page yet!