On the cover of a magazine…

Well, at least a tagline for my organic market garden was. The front page of the July issue of Cheshire Life magazine stated “Growing organically in Malpas” under a large header “Glorious Gardens”. Page 224 featured a lovely three page spread about Oakcroft, entitled “No Payne, no gain” (groan). Interesting fact: my surname, Payne, actually means “pagan” and pagan means “of nature”. So I’m “Lisa of Nature”. Rather fitting don’t you think?

Anyway, for those of you bemoaning the fact that you don’t live in Cheshire, fear not! Thanks to the magic of the internet you can read the article on their webpage by clicking here.


You can also peruse a whole gallery of images of Oakcroft (and me and Lester!) that accompany the article by clicking here.

And for those of you who really desire it – my hardcore fans 😉 – you can also order your own copy of Cheshire Life magazine through their website to be delivered to your door so you can keep my interview in your scrapbook forever!


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