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I’m working on a three-part project for the Jan, Feb and March Craft Guerrilla Craft Nights. The idea is to recycle unwanted sweaters into other items either by unraveling them and knitting them into something else, or felting them and using the “cut and sew” technique. Part One on 21st January will be the “Unraveling”.

Here are some photos of the wool that I harvested from one short sleeved jumper (55% Linen 45% Cotton) and the startings of a pair of ballet slippers I’m making for part of the project. Here’s one completed prototype ballet slipper. It looks pretty but needs some tweaking such as a chunkier wool (quadruple up on the ply rather than just double up as I did in this one as the recycled yarn is quite thin) and also make the seam shorter on the toe portion. But all in all, I’m pleased with the result.

I pimped my stride with a sheepskin inner sole I got one way-below-freezing day in Stockholm the year before last where Sam, my sister and I coined the phrase “pimp my stride” when the man selling these inner soles literally prevented my toes from freezing off in my Converse!

Felting details coming in the next few days – my felting experiments today have not gone quite to plan… Time to sit down with a glass of wine and an episode of “The L Word”.