Tonight, Tuesday 2 June 2009, sees the second of the Craft Guerrilla monthly clothes swap at 93 Feet East on Brick Lane. For those of you who have never attended a clothes swap before you might be wondering what on earth is going on. So to help demystify the washing lines full of clothes in the Pink Bar, and to provide some guidance for everyone else taking part here are the rules of the swap:

1. It costs £5 to take part in the clothes swap & you can swap up to 5 items (including pairs of shoes and accessories) as long as they are clean and in good condition.

2. You will receive a stamp on your hand showing you how many items you can swap – the amount you bring is the amount that you can take.

3. You will need to take any un-swapped items back home with you. Don’t worry we do a swap every month so you can bring them back next time!

4. The swap starts at 8PM sharp. The first hour is spent hanging up your clothes on the washing line and eyeing up potential swaps.

5. At 9PM you will have half an hour to try on any item that catches your eye. You have to return it to the washing line once you have tried it on so that other people also have the opportunity to try it.

6. At 9.30PM wait for the command then let the swapping commence! If more than one person wants the same item and agreement can’t be negotiated between yourselves then you need to come and see a member of the Craft Guerrilla team. We will choose a suitable method for deciding the matter e.g. tossing a coin or maybe even a bout of arm wrestling!

7. From 10PM onwards you will get the chance to wear your new outfit or speak to the Craft Guerrilla tutors about customising and making minor alterations. We’ll have some trimmings and buttons with us as well as sewing things and a wealth of handy tips!

8. The swapping session ends at 10.45PM so we can clear the bar area by 11PM.

Craft Guerrilla DJs: Masonic Boom / Anna / Dawn Chorus / Handsome Twins will provide crafty beats which you swap and snip and change your outfits. Fashion, recycling, music & craft – we love them!

Hope to see you there.


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