Warriston Pockets

A note about the pockets on the Warriston jumper that I’m currently knitting. I’ve been excited about knitting pockets, I don’t know why, call me silly but I like pockets and I hadn’t knitted anything with pockets before. By the end of Friday night I’d had both pockets knitted and I spent some time yesterday learning how to do an i-cord bind off (a useful technique to learn – I used this youtube video).

So I had the pockets knitted, bound off, stitched to the wrong side of the work and had joined the body stitches to start working the main body of the jumper. Oh I was pleased with myself! I even did a little test run of putting my hands in the pockets. And it was then that I noticed. Two rows into the stockingette body of the jumper I saw that the insides of my pockets were garter stitch. The way that I’d knitted them had resulted in the stockingette side of the pocket being on the outside facing the body and the purl side of the knitting being the inside of the pocket.

Was this a problem? I looked at it. I knitted another row of stockingette on the body. I did a test: how much will the tops of the pockets roll down to reveal the insides? Could I live with the change in texture from the plain knitting of the main body to the purl knitting of the inside of the pocket should it happen to show whilst reaching to get a hanky? Would blocking it stop the purl side from cheekily revealing my guilty secret to casual observers?

Those of you who are aware of my adventures with the Rowan Miss Marple cardigan which took me three years and several remakes to complete will have a sneaky suspicion about what happened next.

I couldn’t, I just couldn’t do it – leave it as it was, that is. The change from plain to purl was too jarring. Pockets gape, especially if you like to use pockets to put things in like I do. The purly secret would be flashed about to all and sundry and I’d get annoyed every time I looked at it wondering why oh why I hadn’t sorted it out when I had the chance.

Before I could change my mind I pulled out my circular needle like ripping off a sticking plaster and started frogging back. I frogged the body stitches to the top of the pockets and then put them back on circulars with stoppers on (Oh, how I love my Denise interchangeable knitting needles). Then I carefully unpicked the stitches holding the pockets to the body of the jumper and then unraveled the pockets.

Now I’m halfway through reknitting the pockets so that the plain side (stockingette side) is the side that shows on the inside of the pocket and the purl side is on the outside of the inside of the jumper. Confused? Here’s a couple of photos to try and clarify things:

Inside of pocket e.g. the bit that could show

Warriston pocket: inside

Wrong side of pocket e.g. the back that won’t show and will be on the wrong side of your jumper

Warriston pocket: wrong side

I’ll post up a couple more pictures once the pockets are finished (again) so you can see the completed effect. Maybe I’m too much of a perfectionist but the way I look at it, I’m investing a lot of time and money making this jumper which I hope to wear for many years to come. If I’d left the pockets then they would have annoyed me. You may have a different temperament, maybe the purl on the inside of your pockets wouldn’t have bothered you. You may even like the effect of the different textures. But for me it just didn’t work.

I don’t know if I overlooked something in the pattern – it was definitely to do with picking up and knitting the stitches for the pocket flaps. I think I picked them up and then was essentially knitting them from the bottom / upside down rather than keeping the alignment of top and bottom the same as the rest of the jumper.

Anyway, hopefully this post will help someone else avoid having to spend hours frogging and reknitting the pockets on their Warriston!