WINTER ALLOTMENT, originally uploaded by uber trick.

We’ve been putting the allotment to bed for the winter. We spent half the day carrying wheelbarrows of manure from one end of the allotment site to the other and spreading it on our plot as a mulch. We’ve also got a few bits of old carpet to cover other areas.

Despite it being winter I still harvested a cabbage, some rosemary sprigs and some chard. I’ll dry the rosemary; we used some cabbage in a stir fry yesterday and I’ll put the rest into a winter veg coleslaw tonight. I’m using the chard to make chard and feta parcels (in filo pastry) to freeze as nibbles for my family champagne reception after my wedding. That will just use the greens though so I’ll use the chard stems in a recipe for ‘mustardy chard stems’ to go with the winter veg coleslaw and Mediterranean baked plaice for dinner tonight. Delicious!

Night, night allotment, sleep tight. I’m off to start on that cooking. x